You will be treating the symptoms of this condition-not the disease .

Recommend using whole marijuana extracts or isolated cannabinoids.  Recommend a smoke free, under the tongue delivery system, or a vaporizer.  When marijuana is smoked, it is difficult to calculate dosage, difficult to understand which cannabinoids you are receiving and at what levels.  The AMA says, “Marijuana in smoked form is not suitable as a medicine.”

Symptoms include:
  gastro-intestinal problems
  inflammation of vessels
  abdominal pain
  joint inflammation
  joint pain
  kidney disorder

Corticosteroids (Prednisone) can be given short term.  Most people gain considerable weight using Prednisone.  This medication is known to have  many side effects.  Anti-inflammatory (OTC) drugs like Ibuprophen and aspirin can be taken.  These too have unwanted effects especially on the stomach.

Medical Marijuana can be taken to relieve all the symptoms above and with little to no side effects.  A cannabis extract salve can be rubbed into the joints to relieve painful joints.  A cannabis extract can be taken orally (under the tongue) to relieve the gastro-intestinal problems, abdominal pain.  The anti-emetic properties of cannabis will stop the vomiting.  Cannabis is very effective relieving sleep problems.  Cannabis relieves inflammation.